Friday, November 5, 2010

Coming Soon(ish) to a Blog Near You

My poor Salina sweater is pining away for me in my knitting bag waiting for its sleeves to be sewn on. It's been there for about a week. Meanwhile, I've been working on designing and knitting doll sweaters and a lace gift which will be revealed later.

Oh, and I've been buying yarn for my future projects.

I bought this yarn a while ago for a striped raglan sweater that I have designed (in my head). It is inspired by Jared Flood's Turn a Square hat.

This yarn was an early Christmas gift from my mom and will be the simple turtleneck sweater Tang from Wendy Bernard's Custom Knits.

I finally reached my 250 points at the knit shop and earned a $25 off an purchase over $25 coupon. So I used that to get this yarn for Kate Davies' Paper Dolls. I'm doing a light blue sweater with the dolls in dark brown and the other accents in white.

I also broke down and bought this pattern: Blackberry Cardigan by Alexandra Charlotte Dafoe. For a better picture, check it out on Ravelry.

Oh knitting bug, you've really got a good hold on me.

Ought to be cleaning my house or sewing some Christmas presents. Oh well. Think I'll go knit on my lace project instead. Maybe I'll get to those sweater sleeves tonight. It's finally getting cold enough to wear it--in the mornings and evenings at least.

Happy Friday, everyone!


Lydee said...

Ooo, the blackberry cardi looks delish! I can't wait to see yours when you start!

Kim said...

Oh, I should be doing so many other things, too, but --- the knitting urge cannot be ignored. And reading blogs is just making the fever worse!

Maggi said...

What a beautiful line up of projects! I love your color picks too. Looking forward to see your progress on them.