Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Photo Highlights of a Fun Visit

Just got back from another fun visit back to Ohio. Got to spend quality time with B's parents and brother and I got to go out with my good "mom friends" there. Didn't get to see extended family or old neighbors or co-workers as this was a short visit. Hope to catch up with them next time. Here are some of my favorite photos from the trip:

On the hammock with Grandpa.

At Memphis Kiddie Park, Grandma and N on the roller coaster.

J (with me) on the roller coaster.

A rainy day at the Cleveland Zoo.

Camel ride.

This koala was actually awake and moving around! Since they sleep 20 or more hours a day, this was pretty exciting to see.

Uncle Mike and J as meerkats.

Using our umbrellas at the zoo. The boys LOVED their new umbrellas.

At the Natural History museum. Dinosaurs!

The boys loved this "Little Builders" exhibit at the museum.

So much fun!

Then we came home and I got this:

From the best husband EVER! Yes, my husband made French Silk Pie--and didn't eat any until we got home.

Life is good.

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Nicole B. said...

Fun! Can't believe you are back already. The boys probably forgot what umbrellas are for :)