Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy 3 Months!

Today Norm turns 3 months. I can't believe he is that old already although I also can't really remember life without him. He's blended so nicely into our family. He's grown tremendously and has the most wonderful chunky thighs, but still seems so tiny to me. The jury's still out on who Norm looks most like, but when he smiles his eyes remind me very much of Brian. Brian thinks he has my nose.
Norm continues to be a happy laid back baby. If he does get fussy, usually all he needs is a little facetime to make him happy again. Norm loves to lay on his playmat and kick his legs and wave his arms. He's gotten really good at grabbing the rings hanging from his playmat and holds on to them as if he's getting ready for some future Olympic event. Norm does well with holding his head up and is getting stronger and better at holding himself up during tummy time. We read books to him three times a day now (before AM nap, PM nap and at bedtime). He usually smiles and "talks" during storytime and seems to have a special love for Goodnight Moon and Mama Loves You. Norm is good-spirited and happily takes Zoe kisses and John hugs and kisses. A few weeks ago, he started trying to suck his thumb. However, he found the thumb unsatisfactory so he's moved to sucking his first finger or sometimes first two fingers instead.
I've worked really hard this week to get Norm on a schedule and it seems to be working. This week he's only woken up once a night to eat and as a special 3 month birthday present to me, he slept through the night last! I see the light at the end of the always tired tunnel and I'm excited. Happy 3 months, Norm! Mama loves you!


Lydee said...

yea! sleeping through the night! Norm is so handsome too!

kate said...

and mine is 3 weeks today! cheers to milestones...