Friday, August 15, 2008

My Little Artist

My first "craft project" was going to be a painted canvas for John's room. I wanted to make him something that would help personalize his room. After staring at the blank canvas, I decided that I did not have the artistic skills to make anything very exciting so I decided to let John paint the canvas himself. He was very excited--especially when he got to wear one of my t-shirts for a smock.
He chose the long-handled paintbrush first, but the bristles were stiff and it didn't apply a lot of color.
He studied the paint closely and chose an early palette of yellow and green.
Then he discovered the broad sponge brush and got bolder with his painting. He loved to combine all the colors and the painting became full of brown and black as the colors mingled.
John was very proud of his accomplishment.
His finished painting. I am so proud. What is it you ask? During painting, John described parts of the painting as "Pauli, Zoe, Norman, John." Afterwards, he decided it was a dog. What do you think?


Luvmy91dub said...

Very cute. Looks like a snail to me...

Lydee said...

it's great. I love kid art!

kate said...

maybe you could place his handprint on it as his signature and to mark the time?