Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ought Snought

I'm knitting.
I'm almost done with the second sleeve.
I'm crafting.

for Norm's room

I'm even trying to sew.

a "lovey" for a friend's new baby

I'm reading a novel.

I'm meeting my neighbors.

I'm trying to raise money for a cause I hold near and dear.

I'm trying to decide on a new bag.

I'm blogging.

I'm enjoying my new house, the neighborhood playground and the neighborhood pool.

I'm acting like Norm is sleeping through the night--which he is--sometimes.

I ought to be cleaning.

I ought to finish the last bit of unpacking.

I ought to be sleeping more.

Ought snought. I'm tired, but I'm having fun!


Kate said...

whatever - it's about accepting the moment not worrying about the shoulda/coulda/wouldas.

I got out of bed today and everyone is still alive - SUCCESS

Jadielady said...

Psst You're accomplishing TONS! YAY for knitting!
And I love the cow jumping over the moon.
I couldn't figure out how to reply to your facebook message without replying to all but I'll check out your link. Always walk in the ACS Relay for Life in the summer. Great causes.

Erin said...

Again, you're so talented! Good luck at MDO hopefully it will seem a little less "Harvard like" a little more local community college! Which one are you going to? Are you guys around this weekend? Maybe we could meet up at the park?