Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm back!

Well, we replaced our computer and I am back to blogging. So much has happened that I don't know where to start.

My good friend Nicole came to visit from Austin and she brought her son Will. Will is only 2 weeks younger than John and the two of them had a blast together. Nicole is a wonderfully sweet person and lots of fun. Both of my boys immediately fell in love with her. It was very strange to have John NOT want me to do everything for him. He wanted "Cole" instead. Nicole had Norm smiling and laughing too. Will was great fun although he wasn't always happy about sharing him mom. I don't blame him--I wanted her all to myself too!

A few days after Will and Nicole went home, the boys and I flew to Virginia to visit with my family. The flights were not quite as nice as they were in July, but both boys did pretty well. (On one flight, John let out a little "I'm tired and bored" squeal and a man actually yelled "Gee, Shut up, kid!" Nice, huh? Oh well.) I'm still glad that our next time flying (for Thanksgiving) will be with Brian and not on our own. We had a lot of fun in Virginia as always. My parents were wonderful hosts and both boys had lots of fun with "Mooma" and "Papa." We also got to see a lot of my sister and her two children. The biggest excitement of our trip was getting to celebrate Reed, Mary and Madeline's birthdays. My brother's triplets turned 1 year old this weekend and we had so much fun at their party. John grilled up some delicious burgers and hotdogs and Shelley made the most fun cupcakes. The triplets were adorable. Reed dug right into his cake and ate most of it. Madeline just poked hers with her finger and spread it around on her tray. Mary ended up covered up to her elbows in icing and then decided she had had enough. They all seem so grown up. Both Mary and Madeline are walking already and Reed should be soon. My oldest nephew Michael is in Kindergarten this year and seems like he's about 10 all of a sudden. It was weird not to have him around because he was in school. It was wonderful to get to hang out with everybody and to watch John having so much fun with his grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins.Norm and my oldest niece Lizzie.John and my oldest nephew Michael coloring. Got to love those cheesy grins.Lizzie and my nephew Joe. They are 12 days apart. My mom sometimes calls them "the twins."At the birthday party--my mom, Norm and Michael.The three oldest cousins: Lizzie, Michael and Joe. Nice ad for Motts for Tots juice.Mary, Reed and Madeline eating their birthday lunch of cheese toast and lima beans.My sister-in-law Shelley (mom of Joe and the triplets--doesn't she look amazing?), her wonderful sitter Nicole and Mary.The birthday cakes, cupcakes and hats.Mary, Reed and Madeline with their birthday cakes.

Talking of family, this weekend Brian's sister Kristin arrives with her husband and one year old son. I can't wait!

That's all I have time for now. More blogging to come. Hope you all are doing well!


Carol said...

Wow that's a lot of babies your family has been blessed with. I'm sorry you had to deal with such a jerk on the flight, some people!

sophanne said...

You know, people talk about twins and triplets but it really hits home when you see three babies all at once and realize what that means. WOW. Thanks for the pix.

Cat said...

I love the picture of Lizzie and Norm :)... sorry I missed you tonight, we took the kids for a bike ride and got home late.. call you tomorrow sometime, Cat

Nicole B. said...

awww....glad you had such a great time in VA. miss you already!!! will has been talking about friend sandwiches ever since.