Monday, September 8, 2008

Movie Monday: Nemo Saves the Trip to the Aquarium Edition

Yesterday we went to the Dallas Aquarium. John seemed very excited about seeing fish, but when we arrived at the aquarium we realized that he thought we were feeding fish like the ones in the pond at our neighborhood park. He didn't want to go inside the aquarium. He wasn't happy about the aquarium at all...until we saw "Nemo." Once Nemo was spotted all was better. Here is a video of John enjoying Nemo and some other photos from our trip.

The "Nemo" fish tank was by far John's favorite part of the aquarium.I thought these upside down jellyfish were really cool.A sea apple.A seahorse.Norm was totally unaware of the stingrays behind him.The aquarium is located in Fair Park (the location of the Texas State Fair) which has several museums, a stadium and lots of other things including this lake. The lake was complete with lillypads, jumping fish, lots of algae and a pigeon. John LOVED it! He enjoyed finding little bits of nature to throw in the water. He kept trying to give the pigeon a stick.In case we forgot what state we were in.They were setting up this exhibit while we were here. We got to see some owls, a bald eagle, and some other large birds of prey up close and personal. John was really excited.Even the bathroom sign is "Texas-ized."The aquarium was in the shadow of the Ferris wheel. Cool, huh?

Happy Monday! Hope it's a great one!

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