Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Knitting Mojo in Overdrive

Well, I'm knitting again and I am totally readdicted. I am making good progress on John's rainbow cardigan. I have 1 1/2 inches of stockinette stitch on the body and then 2 inches of ribbing. Then I just have to pick up stitches and knit the button band. Hopefully, I'll have that finished in the next week.

Meanwhile, I'm reading Knitalong by Larissa and Martin John Brown. It's my first new knitting book in a long time. I was ordering some books as gifts from Amazon and had to spend a little more to get the free shipping--so I treated myself to this book. It's one of the few knitting books I've read cover to cover (about 20 pages to go) and I've really enjoyed it. I can't wait to try some of the patterns including:
Socks 101 (finally I'm going to make some socks)
Pinwheel Blanket (should be something in my stash I could use)
Meathead Hat (hope mine can be as cute as Julie's)
The Pillow of Sei Shonagon (thought it would be cute to use the words of a children's book and give to a child)
Entomology Hat & Mitten Set (fun use of colorwork)
Eden Scarf (don't think I'd wear it, but looks like a fun pattern)

I've also found some adorable knitting patterns on etsy.com including these baby socks/mocs for Norm and these farm animals which John would love.

I'm also working on a bunch of other craft projects including "loveys" for some new babies (2 finished and 3 in progress), a baby book for Norm, a pillow for Norm's room, a wedding present for a good friend, and a custom framing project for some pictures I want to put in my guest room.

Meanwhile, life goes on. Norm is officially sleeping through the night (probably just jinxed myself for tonight--oh well). He still wakes up once a night on some nights, but is able to put himself back to sleep. Yay! He's also discovered his feet and loves to grab them.

John had his meet-the-teacher open house at preschool today. His teacher seems really nice and I think it will be a good match for John. Right now there are only 5 students in the class and John is the only boy. They are trying to get another boy to fill the 6th spot. We will see. I had to leave John for 20 minutes for a meeting with the director and he cried off and on the whole time I was gone. Hopefully, Thursday, his first full day of school (9AM-1PM), will go better. Hopefully I won't cry too much when I leave him. I'm really anxious about it, but know this will be good for both of us.

Off to do a little cleaning and then some crafting. Happy Tuesday everyone!


Jadielady said...

School will definitely be good for him, otherwise kindergarten will be such a shock.
YAY for more knitting! The sweater is beautiful, keep it up!

sophanne said...

I love that knitalong book. It makes me feel so "validated."

Nicole B. said...

man, i am feeling very slothly reading about all you have been up to :)

well, the nice thing about having a sick kid over a long weekend is that you have extra help! unfortunately said extra help was out for the count today...but thankfully will was in great spirits. anyways, counting down the days til we see you and glad will got a bug now and not later (knock on wood again!)

Yarnhog said...

Dealing with the school transition is a lot like getting a kid to sleep through the night. They may cry at first, but they learn to comfort themselves, and it's better for them in the long run. (Most of the preschoolers stop crying right after Mom leaves, so you're probably the only one who will be feeling bad for the rest of the morning.)