Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Top Ten Tuesday: Don't Mess With Texas Edition

First of all, thank you for everyone who responded so nicely to my last Top Ten Tuesday post. I feel very special and realize that I already have some wonderful friends here in Texas. So this week's Top Ten Tuesday topic is...

Top Ten Reasons I Love Where I'm Living in Texas

10. There are lots of shopping options including outlet malls! Not that I have time or money to shop but it's nice to know they are out there when I need them.

9. A wonderful recycling program--sounds cheesy, but I love being able to toss just about everything into the recycling instead of the trash.

8. The benefits of a suburb. I love living in a quiet place with all the conveniences of a big city close by (zoo, aquarium, etc.).

7. The weather. Yes, the summers are HOT! but the fall is beautiful so far. I see us being outside most of the fall, winter and spring.

6. The local yarn shop. Well, it's sort of local. It's about 20 minutes away but it is wonderful. TONS of beautiful yarn and really helpful staff. I heard them say to many a customer--just bring in your swatch. Knitting Daily would be proud.

5. It's very family-friendly. There are good schools, tons of parks, playgrounds, library story times and lots of other fun activities.

4. I'm only 4 hours from Nicole!

3. My neighborhood park, playground, fish pond, pools and sprinkler pad.

2. My house--4 bedrooms (room for all of us and a guest room), a master bathroom (no sharing with the boys), a great open living area and tons of storage (including huge closets, tons of kitchen cabinets, and a large pantry).

1. The wonderful moms and children in our neighborhood meetup group. They are so welcoming and nice. Many are transplants like me and understand my situation. I love how many of the moms have blogs too. This one is absolutely hilarious (she says everything the rest of us think but don't dare to say). This one makes you think. These two are just so true to life as a mom.

I feel so lucky we've found a wonderful place to live. I feel so blessed to have Brian and the boys. I don't think I'll live in Texas for the rest of my life, but it will always hold a special place in my heart. I've always wanted to say, "Don't Mess with Texas!"


Jadielady said...

Recycling isn't cheesy. I wish we had a recycling program.
The amount of soda we go through in 1 day alone *sigh*

Kate said...

thinking of you - the kids are watching Spongebob Squarepants and Sandi is homesick for TX. You should check out their 10 gallon hat!