Monday, September 15, 2008

Movie Monday: "I Ting" and "Who Me?" Edition

Ike has come and gone. We only got some rain and wind as we were in the far western edge of the storm. John and Brian had fun playing in the rain on Saturday afternoon. Brian and I managed to make a dent in the beer, but the rest of the emergency supplies sat untouched. I guess we were the lucky ones. Houston and Galveston were not so lucky.

On a lighter note, it's Movie Monday and the boys have been very funny recently so we have two videos to share today.

The first is "I Ting": John singing Old MacDonald Had a Farm.

The second is "Who Me?": Norm making his favorite new noise (raspberries). He stops as soon as he sees that you're watching him. It's pretty funny. It's like he's talking to himself and doesn't want anyone to know his secrets.

Happy Monday, everyone! Hope it's a great one.

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Cat said...

can't wait to get my hands on those boys ina few weeks :), Cat