Friday, October 31, 2008

Photo Friday: Fall is in the Air (Sort of)

Happy Halloween, everyone! I can't believe another month is almost over. We've had a few cooler days and it was starting to feel like fall, but now it's in the 80s again--but still beautiful as it's sunny with a breeze. Here are a few pics. I hope to get a good one of J and N in their costumes tonight. Wish me luck!

This is our one lone tree in the backyard. The leaves started turning this week. They are now red and brown (and green) although it is hard to see the true colors in this photo.

J with his preschool class on Thursday. He's Cookie Monster if you can't tell. They had a parade in the morning and then a party at the end of the day.

N came in his chocolate chip cookie costume I made. Simple and easy, but I think it turned out pretty cute.

And I made a few more loveys.

Happy Halloween! May you get more treats than tricks!
Edited 12/17/08

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kate said...

I see ours which he has not let go of all day!! I'll send a pic soon.