Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Beach Pictures: My Boys Edition

We went to the beach in North Carolina for a week with my family. We were in a house with my parents, my sister and her husband and two children, and my brother and his wife and four children. My aunts, uncles, cousins, cousins' spouses, and cousins' children were also at the beach in different cottages within walking distance of ours. We had a blast! Here's the first set of photos. I have so many I want to share so these are limited to ones that feature one of my boys. Enjoy!

J has been talking about building a sand castle at the beach since about January. So, of course, that is the first thing he did when we got there. Here is his first of many sand castles that he built.

N immediately ran for the ocean as soon as we hit the beach. I guess I should have put him in a bathing suit.

I just love this picture. My sister and her daughter are in the surf. N and J are on their way.

The three older boys had fun one afternoon with their beach balls. Love the expressions!

N models the shirt for this year's beach trip. We all wear our t-shirts one morning and get a group picture. This year there were only 43 of us there for picture day. This is the 8th year of doing this and the 8th t-shirt. I think my husband still has all 8 and wears them on a regular basis. I think he's the only one who does.

A closeup of my little cutie. You can see some extended family in the background. We got together for family gatherings on several of the mornings.

N loved to climb up in any available beach chair and make himself comfortable.

With some prompting from her mom, Mary decided to share a shell with N. They then continued to share shells back and forth for a while. Madeline joined in. J joined in. It was really sweet.

Madeline decided to share her fruit snacks with N. She was so sweet to him all week.

N just LOVES his Papa.

J running.

N chasing J on the beach.

Lizzie and J playing the bucket game. J had SO much fun with all of his cousins. This is just one of the many moments of silliness.


Carol said...

Looks like you guys had an awesome holiday.

Lydee said...

wow! the waves look fun too!