Wednesday, July 22, 2009

N's Baptism

On Sunday, July 19, 2009, N finally got baptized. We did the baptism at my church in Virginia so we could have family there. My parents, brother and his family, and sister and her family were all there since they live there. B's parents drove in from Ohio to be there for the baptism. It was wonderful to have so much family there for this important occasion. We also had some really good family friends who joined us for a small celebration afterwards. I know it was stressful for my mom to do it all the day after we returned from the beach, but with help from the good family friends she did an amazing job. The service was really nice and it was wonderful to be back in the church I grew up in. Being there just reminded me how much I need to find a good church here. Anyway, here are some photos from N's big day:

N with our minister.

My brother arriving with his family.
Madeline, Shelley, Joe, Reed, Mary and John

N with one set of his godparents, my brother John and his wife Shelley. N's other set of godparents are B's sister Kristin and her husband Chris. They couldn't make it all the way from Oregon, but they were there in spirit.

N in his adorable baptism outfit.

Doing important business :).

My sister Cat and her family:
Lizzie, Cat, Michael and Ron.

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