Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Wonderful Visit with Wonderful Friends

This weekend my good friend Nicole and her son Will came to visit. Will is only two weeks younger than J and they had such a blast together!

On Friday, we went to a huge local park. This part of the playground was the boys' favorite.

We also had fun playing in our sprinkler pool in the backyard.

On Saturday, we went to a fire safety program in our neighborhood.

After the Fire Safety talk, we went to the pool which was a lot of fun for both boys.

And some bonus pictures of our sweet Pepper girl:

N LOVES to give Pepper hugs.

J and N love to make "nests" with pillows and blankets. Pepper loves them too.


Lydee said...

love the sprinkler pool pictures! looks like such a fun day!

Nicole B. said...

great pics! thanks again for such a fun visit!