Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Beach Pictures: The Rest of the Family Edition

Here are more pictures from our beach trip.

My brother's children...



Reed and Mary


Mary, Reed and Madeline

My sister's children...Lizzie and Michael


Lizzie and Michael (Seaweed Heads)

Michael, Seaweed Moosehead

I wonder where they get it from? (My sister Cat, Seaweed Head)

Some of each family...
My brother John with Lizzie and Joe

Joe and Michael

And some group shots...
Building a huge sand fort thing with lots of pools.

Posing for family photos. This one includes my sister Cat and her two children, and me, B, N and J.

The little ones take a juice break on the beach.

I have lots more photos, but I'll stop here. Enjoy!

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Lydee said...

yea! looks like fun! love the pics, and glad you're back!