Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Book List: Deja Vu Edition

The two books I just finished reading shared a common "formula" that I enjoy quite a bit: Average girl suffers an injustice and then moves away and makes a fabulous new life for herself. While making this fabulous life, average girl (who happens to suffer from self-esteem issues) meets "unattainable" man of her dreams. Average girl gets lots of crazy advice from friends about how to have a happy love life and snag the guy of her dreams. Then she makes a major mistake and may or may not lose him forever. Do they live happily ever after? You'll have to read the novels to find out. Of course, if you know me at all and you know I like these books, then you can probably guess the answer to that question.

The Art of French Kissing by Kristin Harmel: Emma gets dumped by her fiance and then gets fired the next day. While wallowing in self-pity, Emma gets a call from an old friend who invites her to Paris and even offers her a job as a publicist for a crazy, but very sexy French rock star. The novel tells all about Emma and her lovely life in the even lovelier city of Paris. This author is definitely in love with Paris. One fun part of this novel for me is how the author sets up multiple options for Emma's love interest (the sexy rock star, an annoying but good-looking reporter, her ex-fiance and various others) and I spent part of the novel trying to decide who I wanted her to get together with. Anyway, there are some fun plot twists, crazy antics and plenty of feminine angst. I found it to be very entertaining.

Dog Handling by Clare Naylor: In this novel, Liz gets dumped by her fiance (sound familiar?) and is bored by her job as an accountant so she decides to get away from it all by leaving the country (sound familiar?) to stay with a good friend (sound familiar?). Liz, however does not go to Paris, but instead heads to the beaches of Australia where she meets a whole cast of interesting characters including two drag queen business men, a bevy of rich socialites, and a crazed heart-broken lesbian, oh yeah, and the hot guy she had a summer fling with at the age of 18. Again, lots of antics and plot twists and feminine angst. Another fun read.

Another similarity: Sometimes Predictable, BUT Things are NOT always as they seem. Hmm...


Nicole B. said...

...FINALLY finished time traveler's wife and LOVED it! has been a great accomplishment in my week as a shut-in/being jealous of my mom friends who had their kids in school while mine was not....but i digress :)

Lydee said...

sounds interesting!