Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jared Flood and Cookie A. are Coming to Texas....And I'm Going to be in Oregon

I just got my monthly e-newsletter from my local yarn shop, The Woolie Ewe. It is an amazing store in Plano, TX with the most amazing selection of yarn and some really nice employees. One of my favorite things about them is that they have lots of color choices for each yarn and they usually have 10 or more skeins of each color. LOVE IT!

Anyway, I got my monthly newsletter and Jared Flood and Cookie A. are coming to The Woolie Ewe to teach classes in October! I have never been so excited in my life. I've read Jared's blog, Brooklyn Tweed, off and on for a while and his designs and projects are AMAZING! I don't yet knit socks, but all the ones that tempt me are Cookie A. designs.

The class topics look great--especially Jared's (again since I'm not a sock knitter). I was trying to decide between his four classes:
"Knitting From the Top Down"--highlights for me: the circular cast-on and working set in sleeves from the top down
"Intro to Shetland Colorwork" --highlights for me: colorwork technique and theory and steeking
"Seamless Sweater Workshop"--hightlights for me: SEAMLESS! also all the Elizabeth Zimmermann percentages and what not
"Girasole: A Crash Course"--highlights for me: I have no need for a circular shawl or afghan, but this pattern is BEAUTIFUL

Anyway, I was sitting here mulling over my choices trying to decide which class to sign up for, trying to decide if I could possibly afford to do more than one, about to call The Woolie Ewe before the classes filled up...when I realized I won't be in Texas that weekend. I will be in Oregon meeting my niece Isla for the first time. I will be off enjoying the wonderful company of my sister-in-law and her husband and their two precious children. I will be having an incredible time...but a small part of me will be very sad that I am missing a chance to be taught by Jared Flood. JARED FLOOD!

Is it too much to hope that he'll come back next year?


Kate said...

Oh no!

bodoba said...

Maybe he will come back next year. Or maybe even do a winter session in december?