Tuesday, September 8, 2009


My progress on my Slanting Gretel Tee is actually coming along quite well--despite the fact we got a Wii this weekend (thanks to B's Marriott points) and I've been doing Wii Fit for 30+ minutes a day and it's kicking my out-of-shape butt. Anyway, last night I got all the way to the bottom of the sleeves and am about to start the raglan.

Here's a picture of the bottom edge of a sleeve.

It's a strange construction. I'm used to top down instead of bottom up. For this sweater, you make a crochet chain and then pick up the stitches on it to create the sleeve. Interesting...

So far I'm happy with the sweater. I don't love how my increases (M1R and M1L) look on either side of the cables, but otherwise it looks good. The only problem with using a cotton is that it has no halo to hide any imperfections. Oh well.

In other knitting news, my secret project has been delayed. I realized that there is no way I'd get it done in time for a birthday present so it's been moved to a Christmas present. Although I have tons of things I want to knit next, I am going to take a break from me-knitting and knit a helmet liner for some local troops headed to Afghanistan this fall.

That's all for now. J had his first day back at pre-school today and seems to have had a good one. Apparently, he didn't talk to his teacher at all today, but had tons to say to me on the way home so I think all will work out in the end. I really like his new teacher and I think it will be a good year for J.

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