Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The many words of N

Right around N's first birthday, I freaked out that he wasn't talking enough and was feeling guilty that because he was such an easy baby I neglected him and stunted his language development. I know...I'm a freak.

Anyway, he's 16 months now and is talking quite a bit. In fact, I sat down and started writing down all of his "words" and he is up to twenty plus words. Of course, I use the word "words" loosely. If he uses the same combination of sounds consistently to express the same thought and I can figure out what that thought is...then it counts as his word.

One of his latest words:



Nicole B. said...

cute! my friend was saying almost the exact same thing the other day. i think one person said that the younger siblings usually spend so much time listening to older sibs and it's hard to get a word in edgewise...which made sense to me :)

bodoba said...

awww so cute! Don't stress out about words, mine is almost three and barely says anything. They'll talk when their ready.

Yarnhog said...

They're all different. My best friend was just telling me that her husband LIED about their baby's age to a woman at the playground because he's embarrassed that their 15 month old isn't walking on his own! I was stunned. Of course, my kids were nearly a year and a half before they started walking, so it doesn't seem strange to me. And my older son was talking before he was a year old, while my younger son didn't talk much until well after age two. (They're both gifted, A students now.) Their brains can only work on so much at once, so if they're working on talking, it makes sense they may not be walking; if they're coloring, they may not be playing with blocks. Don't let it worry you. He'll turn out just fine. :)