Sunday, September 19, 2010

Doll Fabric: Help Needed

So as I mentioned in my earlier post, I have decided to accept Audra's invitation to make homemade gifts this Christmas and am going to make gifts for my 8 nieces and nephews. For the three oldest nieces, I have decided to make these dolls complete with a little knitted cardigan. For each doll, I need to choose a fabric for the dress/body and fabric for the tights/legs. I have tons of little fabric bits in my stash that will work perfectly. Unfortunately, I have too many choices. These are the different combinations I have created so far. My thought is that the top fabric would be the dress and the bottom fabric would be the tights. I need opinions. Which ones do you like best?

1: Red Polka Dots/Blue Trees & Birds

2: Turquoise and Red Paris/Red Polka Dots

3: White with Birdcages/Pink and White Geometric

4: Brown with Scotties/Pink and White Geometric

5: Pink and Orange Large Floral/Pink and White Filigree

6: Turquoise with Cupcakes/Red Polka Dots

7: Turquoise with Cupcakes/Pink and White Filigree

8: Cream with Large Floral/Green with Orange Flowers

9: Green with Orange Flowers/Cream with Orange Petals

10: Cream with Multi-Colored Flowers/Brown with Mini Flowers

11: Cream with Multi-Colored Flowers/Green Floral

As you can see I have way more options than I can use for three dolls. Please help me by letting me know your favorites. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Hi Haley!
I like number one best, mainly because the large print will go on the large part of the doll, and the smaller print will go on the smaller parts - it satisfies my OCD tendencies!
a-m x

Jessica said...

My favorites are 1, 4, and 8. Beautiful fabrics, and such a fun project!

Jadielady said...

I like 3, 4, and 9 best. Oh dear I don't know if people voting will help you make up your mind or not!

Anonymous said...

I like one and four best. Not to complicate the issue, but I think it would look cool if you put Blue Trees and Birds on top and Red Polka Dots on the bottom. Something about striped or polka dotted tights has always appealed to me...especially with dolls and small children. BTW, I don't know if you know this, but Emily Martin, the creator of the doll pattern, has her own blog called Inside a Black Apple.

sophanne said...


sophanne said...


Anonymous said...

Scotties. Definitely the Scotties.

Diane said...

I like 1, 2, and 5. You know how to mix and match your fabrics! Any conbination you posted would be gorgeous! I can't wait to see them when there done!

Anonymous said...

I like the birds as tights, the scotties, and the cupckaes though I am not sure I am crazy about nay of your choices with the cupcakes... think you need something with a smaller scale, almost solid look to go with the cupcakes.... just a thought, not sold on the bird cages at all, sorry. -Cat

Anonymous said...

I saw your adorable bird/tree fabirc when I was at JoAnn's today. I had to buy some. I have no plan for it, but it was cute and it reminded me of you.