Friday, September 10, 2010

The Joy of Sharing

You know how when you learn a new skill or an interesting new tidbit, you are always looking for excuses to share it.

My dad, for example, loves to learn random little facts and then share them with people just for the joy of telling them something new and different. In fact, whenever I hear an interesting little tidbit, I always want to tell my dad because I know he will enjoy adding it to his arsenal of facts and using it in a future conversation.

My sister and I are also big fans of "show and tell." Whenever we get together, which unfortunately is usually only once every 3-6 months, we immediately start showing each other all the little things we've wanted to share while we've been apart. This might be little things like a new shirt that we picked up for a steal, a knitted item finished or in progress, or even a new book we've discovered.

In fact, blogging is a lot about the joy of sharing little tidbits and stories and accomplishments--a lot like my own little show and tell space.

This year in J's preschool class he gets to bring something for Show and Tell every Thursday. He is SO excited. This week he brought a library book about cheetah cubs. He came home and told me all about which children looked at his book afterward and was so excited that one boy looked at every page.

Anyway, N is learning the joy of sharing knowledge and his latest little tidbit is that green means go and red means stop. So now when we are in the car and he sees a stoplight, he immediately starts yelling "red stop, red stop" or "green go, green go." This has happened for EVERY stoplight for the last two days. It seems like a little bit of overkill to me, but he is only two and has limited chances to share things that he finds new and exciting so I will keep saying with a smile, "yes, green means go and red means stop." I also know the joy of sharing.

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sophanne said...

There's a Shel Silverstein poem that I've adapted for use in my classroom called "Stoplight"

When the light turns green you go, when the light turns red, you stop, but what do you do when the light turns blue with orange and lavender spots.

Next time he says "Red-Stop Green- Go" ask him what he thinks you should do if it turns blue with orange and lavender spots!