Saturday, September 11, 2010


This post is for J's grandparents. I know the rest of you will also be REALLY excited by this post :).

J had his first ever soccer class today. We signed him up for a little intro to soccer program and he LOVED it!

Warming up with Coach Kat.

Listening to the "hands, you don't get to play" talk.

Dribbling. J was all about the control aspect. This was him going FAST. Usually he went very slowly and deliberately.

Scoring his first ever goal during scoring practice.

Getting ready to doing the starting kick for the red team, otherwise known as the "tomato" team. The yellow team was the "banana" team.

Chasing the ball later in the "game."


Nicole B. said...

hey! that's the same biz i coached with! tell john i can't wait to play next time i see him :)

Anonymous said...

Just adorable.