Monday, January 17, 2011

I am so tired of cleaning, I could...

A) puke.
B) die.
C) be very happy if I never had to clean again.
D) just sit on my hiney and knit instead of cleaning anymore.
E) all of the above.

I have spent the last week cleaning my microwave, stove top, counters, cabinets, baseboards, door frames, doors, plantation shutters, windows, walls, showers, sinks, etc. (aka every surface in my house, many that I haven't cleaned in the two and a half years that I've lived here). I have gone through at least ten Magic Erasers. These are my next best friends:

Last week after several days of scrubbing, my hands were red, raw and cracking. With the help of my new lovely gloves from Target and a healthy dose of lotion, my hands are slowly returning to normal.

My brain on the other hand is really tired of seeing dirt and seeing my pink-gloved hands cleaning said dirt.

In fact, my brain is so tired of cleaning, it shut down tonight and refused to let me clean--it lead me to blog about it instead.

Okay, I've had enough of a break now. Must go clean at least a little more before I take the rest of the night off.

On a happy note, it looks like I'll get our house ready to be photographed by Friday and on the market by Monday! Say a prayer, cross your fingers, and let's hope this baby sells quickly so we can be together as a family again.

Happy Monday, everyone!


Kim said...

How great are Magic Erasers? (oops, sorry, was going to make a decidedly non-cleaning comment. . .)

jenleic2008 said...

You need a vacation! Wow. That is a lot of cleaning. I know it looks great and you will enjoy being in a spotless house.

Anonymous said...

Inside the microwave? Any homebuyer who looks inside the microwave after seeing a beautifully clean home everywhere else has ISSUES.

stacey said...

those are some purrtty rubber gloves! time for a relaxing bubble bath!