Saturday, January 1, 2011

One Word

I recently read a blog post (One Word/ December 30, 2010) by a friend from middle school and high school that inspired me. It was about picking one word that will represent your upcoming year. A word to inspire you. A word to focus on. A word to guide you through your year.

I think this is such an amazing idea and I've decided to try it. I imagine you will be hearing about my word throughout the year on this blog.

Now the hard part, choosing my word. So hard. One word for an entire year. My friend chose "joy." What a lovely word. Who doesn't want a year focused on joy?

I'm still pondering my word. At this very moment, B's new job and our pending move our prominent in my mind. I'm thinking of heading to a new place and making new friends and finding a new place to call home. So many words come to mind: change, adventure, beginnings, home, blessings.

Hmmm.... I will need to ponder this one longer. Will keep you posted on my word.

Will you have a word this year? Think on it and let me know if you decide to choose one. What a year this will be!

Happy New Year, everyone!


Skamamama said...

i'll be waiting for your word gal!

Audra said...

I tried this last year. My word was "Balance." I'm not sure I really achieved all that I needed to with that word, so I'm trying to decide whether I should hang onto it again for 2011 or change it. Amber Strocel, the author of a blog that I love, picked "Space" as her word for this year. I thought that was a good choice...but I feel pressure to be more original and not use someone else's word.

stacey said...

I like this idea..I'll have to give it some thought.

sophanne said...

I read a similar post and have time to give it some thought. My word is to be "mindful.". I want to be awake to the reality of the people and their interactions around me. Making fewer assumptions, listening closer, not multi-
tasking. Also mindful of the things I consume and of the things I say and do or choose not to say and do.