Thursday, March 3, 2011

Houston Highlights: Kemah Boardwalk

For our last weekend in Houston, we decided to drive an hour to Kemah Boardwalk. Kemah is on the water and has lots of fun amusement park rides. Here are some pics from our trip:

The Ferris Wheel was our first ride.

LOVE their faces in this one!

This was N's favorite ride and the boys went on it multiple times.

The boys saw another mom on this ride and decided that I needed to come with them--so we all squished in and made silly faces at B when we went past.

J really wanted to ride these high plane swings, but B's not a big fan of heights so I got to go with him. We both loved it.

The ride went really high and we had a blast. J just made the height requirement and was the the only child on the ride when we went. It was fun to float so high above the park with him. Definitely a special J and Mom moment.

We had lunch at the Aquarium restaurant. It had this huge tank in the middle of the dining room complete with sharks, schools of fish and bright yellow-green eels. The boys loved it.

Walking along the boardwalk and watching the boats.

A two story carousel! (Picture taken from the Ferris wheel).

N rode the bunny on the second floor of the carousel.

J was really excited to ride the ostrich on the second floor of the carousel!

The view from the second story of the carousel. J really wanted to go on the mummy boat ride (the one that swings back and forth and eventually goes upside down), but he wasn't tall enough.

J LOVED this crazy ride that spun and twisted and turned about. B went on it with him. Afterward, J wanted to do it again, but B did not. J is an amusement park ride junkie! The faster and more spins the better! N was sad that he was too short for this one.

Our last ride was this one. It took us way up high where we got a great view of the Boardwalk and the water and land around it.

All around it was a really fun day. Glad we got this little mini-vacation before we settled back into life here in McKinney.

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