Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Knitting: Advice Needed

So, yes, despite the lack of evidence here, I am still knitting. I've finished the body of my turtleneck sweater (Tang) and have picked up the stitches and begun the first sleeve. This is my first time knitting sleeves like this (afterthought sleeves I think is what they are called). It took me a few tries to get the ratio right when picking up my stitches, but all is well now.

Anyway, today I was playing around on Ravelry and I saw an amazing new hat pattern called Courtyard by Melissa Thomson. It's really a quite simple hat shape, but the stitch pattern is just lovely. It's a twisted stitch pattern on top of a striped reverse stockinette background. The first one I saw was a bright yellow and white. I LOVE it!

I am thinking about using the stitch pattern to make a sweater, possibly for my oldest niece. I know I'll do a pullover and knit it in the round--probably bottom up. I'm thinking that set in sleeves or these after thought sleeves make the most sense.

For those of you who have designed your own sweaters before, any thoughts or advice? It's not going to happen immediately, but I wanted to go ahead and start planning this out.

If you're a Ravelry member, click here to check out this hat. Can't you just see this pattern on a summer sweater? Maybe a boatneck with 3/4 sleeves. So inspiring!

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