Monday, March 28, 2011

Photo Update

I've blogged several times recently, but did not include photos so here is a quick photo update.

The cupcakes I made for J's 5th birthday party:

He asked for a "pajama party" so I thought they were appropriate. The blankets are made out of Starburst. The feet are jellybeans. The faces are mini Nilla wafers and the pillows and bodies are halved marshmallows.

J eating his cupcake at his party:

J with his Lego Police Mobile Unit (his gift from us):He built the whole 400+ piece set by himself. It took several hours over two days and I was really impressed.

Finally, here is a picture of my currently one-sleeved sweater.
Hope to finally start the second sleeve tonight.


Anonymous said...

Your cupcakes are amazing! So creative!

Kim G said...

love the creative cupcakes!!