Monday, January 12, 2009

Having Fun and Enjoying My Boys

We had a fun relaxing weekend of just hanging out and it was really nice. It's so nice to have the craziness of the holidays over with.

I love that J and N are already enjoying playing with each other. It is great because they entertain each other (some) and they're fun to watch together.

N is crawling all over the place these days and trying to pull up on everything to stand. His new skills and our open floorplan house were not making my life very fun, so we borrowed a "baby prison" from one of our neighbors. N actually seems to enjoy it. J likes to play in it too. It's like a little fort for the boys. J even invited B to join him and N in the fort. I was waiting for the "No Girls Allowed" sign to be posted.

Yesterday, B and I took the boys to the zoo. It was chilly, but sunny and we had a really nice time. Here are a few pics.

B calls this fountain, the Zoolander fountain. It makes me laugh everytime.

J went to the bathroom at the zoo twice yesterday. That's very exciting as he used to get really upset about using public bathrooms. In general, J is doing really well with potty training these days. I ended up resorting to "potty treats"--a jar of jelly beans, Mentos and Sweetarts that sit on the back of the toilet. J gets one each time he uses the potty (if he thinks to ask for it). It's made him go more frequently. He was trying to hold it for hours and then having "leaks" (mini accidents). Now he's gone in the potty so often, it is no longer a big deal. He used to have to get naked from the waist down in order to pee, now he just pulls down his pants and underpants. This may not seem like a big deal, but undressing a two year old in an airplane bathroom or some other dirty public bathroom so he can pee is NOT fun. Anyway, the whole potty training thing is very exciting. I'm no longer stressed out about J having an accident because he is going much more frequently. I'm passing the potty training section of the motherhood test. Yay!!!!!!

Hope you all are having a lovely Monday.


Lydee said...

yay to little J! And your boys are soo cute!

At Home Mommy Knits said...

What a lovely day at the zoo. Good luck with the potty training!

Cat said...

some especially cute pics of J in this one!

rackersfamily said...

Looks like you had fun at the zoo. I love that Brian even has a beer in the "boy fort"!