Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Need a Name...I've Got the Place For You

As I've been looking for the perfect puppy to add to our family, I've discovered another great resource. Petfinder.com is not only a place to find pets, it's also a great place to find names. The staff at the various shelters and resource groups are very creative when it comes to naming puppies. If you are having multiples (or just like your children's names to coordinate well) and are having trouble coming up with names that go well together, this is the secret goldmine of names of you. Here are just a few examples:

Banjo and Bingo (Boston Terrier)
Stella and Star (Lab Mix)
Kazzie and Kia (Catahoula Leopard Dog)
Verdi, Victoria, Violet and Vanya (Welsh Corgi/Shepherd)
Fenway, Frodo, Federico and Fuzzy Girl (German Shepherd/Golden Retriever)
Tiffani, Tailor, Tyra, Toby and Tymora (Lab Mix)
Randy, Raymond, Rhonda, Ringo and Rodney (Australian Cattle Dog/Bassett Hound)
Wesley and Willet (Lab Mix)
Marley, Carley and Harley (Golden Retriever)
Johnny and June (Boxer)

Or maybe matchy-matchy isn't for you, there are always theme names:
Jingles and Tinsle (Boxer)
Blitzen, Prancer and Dasher (Australian Shepherd/Lab)
Lexus and Jeepster (Shepherd Mix)

Then there are the "Texas" names:
Dixie (Miniature Doberman Pincher)
Stetson (Retriever/Lab Mix)
Alamo (Border Collie)

But my personal favorites, a family of Pug/Beagle Mix puppies:
Sue Ellen, Bobby and J.R.

Got to love it!


Yarnhog said...

It's almost a shame I'm done having kids. Can't you just see signing little Banjo and Bingo up for kindergarten?

sophanne said...

my dad would have named my sister and I Denver and Dallas had we been boys. Thank god for miracles

Lydee said...

good luck with your continuing search.

Nicole B. said...

believe it or not, will actually has a little friend named banjo! the best is that he's 1/4 asian, so you wouldn't expect him to be named banjo, but that was partly the joke - the parents are from the east coast and are now here in texas.

Erin said...

My favorite is Lexus and Jeepster! That would be too much!

ali said...

I hope you find the perfect puppy! We lost our big old dog back in November, and have been taking our time in searching for the next family dog...

Happy knitting!