Thursday, January 8, 2009

Too Late...Again

Apparently I have the same taste in puppies as everyone else adopting from in this area right now. I found a new puppy who showed up on yesterday--a little female Shepherd mix. I got the okay from Brian last night (actually he said, "Why don't you go pick her up tomorrow.") I didn't have time to drive to the shelter (30 minutes away) this morning because J had school today and I had a doctor's appointment. I called about the puppy this afternoon (in hopes of picking her up tomorrow). She was adopted this morning. I'm glad she was adopted, I just wish it had been by me. I'm way more sad about this than I should be. I'm off to pout. Ridiculous, but true.


sophanne said...

I now declare this an absolutely necessary mission. I predict that you will have a puppy before the month is over.

Yarnhog said...

That is so frustrating. I wanted to adopt a dog from the humane society once, but he was on a three-day hold because he had just arrived. I asked if I could reserve him and was told no, I had to come in person the day he was available. I had a baby and a toddler, but I was there, kids in tow, at 7:00am when they opened. They told me he was already taken, and when I asked how that could possibly be, they said the woman who wanted him was a teacher and couldn't be there to get him that morning, so they were holding him for her. I was so outraged that I told them flat out I would never, ever adopt from them, no matter how many animals they had that needed homes, and instead got a dog from a breeder. Not my finest hour, but really, can you imagine how furious I was?

Lydee said...

yarnhog, that is terrible!

That is a bummer, total bummer.