Friday, January 16, 2009

My Fellow Knitters: Advice Needed

Hey everyone. Hope you are all ready for a long (hopefully fun) weekend. I know I am! It's amazing how much I look forward to the weekend even though I don't work. It's a mentality thing I guess. Anyway, I need some advice from my fellow knitters.

As most of you know, I belong to a moms group in my neighborhood. They are a wonderful group of moms and I feel really lucky to have them as my friends. Anyway, since I moved here they have made me feel so welcome. My only disappointment was that none of them were knitters. However, recently I've had several of my friends mention that they'd like to learn to knit. So I asked around and it looks like there are at least ten moms in the group who want to learn to knit. So I'm going to teach them! I'm so excited!

But I want to make sure I do this right. So here are my questions:
1) Are there any resources (books, websites, etc) that have been really helpful to you as a knitter?
2) What do you think is a great first project? (Please be as specific as possible. Links to free patterns would be wonderful!)
3) How did you learn to knit? (Just curious.)
4) How many people do you think I could teach at a time? (I plan to do small groups because I think trying to teach ten people at one time would be impossible. How many do you think I could do in one meeting?)

Thanks in advance for your help. Non-knitters please feel free to put in your two cents worth as well. Have a good one!


Nicole B. said...

just wanted to say it sounds like a great idea to teach them and you'll be great! my only idea would be maybe, if this is an added incentive, to see if there is some charity thing you can get the group rallying around - like knitting scarves for hospital patients or something. can you tell i'm trying to think of what to do for MLK day (now the day of service?)

Kate said...

What about some of the more simple projects from Larissa Browns Knitalongs book

Mine is not handy but I think some of the projects run the spectrum of skills

sophanne said...

When I have taught younger (and older ones) to knit I've used "In through the front door, run around the back, peek through the window, out jumps Jack."

Also when teaching others, the obvious sometimes escapes me. Like not keeping the stitches too close to the top (it makes for tight knitting.) and pushing the left hand stitches up to the tip of the needle as you go. THere's so much that we all do so naturally that you'll suddenly find yourself having to deconstruct.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE teaching people to knit. I'm trying to get a "BoysKnit2" class at my school!

Jadielady said...

Wooohoo! More knitters :) I've only tried to teach a few people, but for me I learn by watching and doing, so I teach the same way.
I sit next to the person and slowlyy knit a row, then hand it to them and talk them through the motions that they're making. After they've gotten a few rows of that and if they're ready I teach how to purl, and then from there they can basically learn whatever they want :)

Kate said...

I ran out of time and hands when posting before. You are a teacher and thus I believe you will meet people at their learning style. I think this is such a great thing for you to do. A sense of community, friendship and teaching - all your strengths!!!
Love you, (I wish there was a sign off that was a mixed bag of bulk candy - it's my forever endearment for you!!) Does that make sense I am SERIOUSLY lacking sleep.

Lydee said...

that's awesome! happy knitting.