Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pepper Update: The Good, The Bad, but No Ugly

The Good...
Pepper got into her crate at bedtime last night BY HERSELF! NO whining!

The Bad...
During dinner she chewed on N's highchair. I was sitting right there thinking, "Pepper look so cute lying under N's high chair. What's that noise?" Oops! Luckily, no major harm.

Luckily, no new ugly to report! Zoe's surgery is scheduled for next Monday. She seems to be feeling okay.

As you can see, Pepper's not the only one taking to her crate. J thought this was just HILARIOUS! Nice, huh?


Anonymous said...

Love the picture of John in the crate. Lookd like fun to me :) Love, Christie

Nicole B. said...

i was going to say you should schedule the surgery for fri, but monday is great! i'm sure will is going to join J in the crate soon!

orguknit said...

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Lydee said...

love the pic of J in the crate! too funny!