Monday, February 8, 2010

My boys

I realized it's been a bit since I updated on the goings-ons of my boys. They are both growing up so quickly these days.

The biggest change for J is we decided to get his speech assessed because we were concerned about his articulation. At almost 4, the poor little guy was still having to act out words for us sometimes because we just couldn't figure out what he was saying. Anyway, he scored in the 6th percentile for articulation and qualified for a preschool speech language class and started attending that last week (two days a week for 1 hour and 45 minutes each day). I was really anxious about his first day of speech school since we had never met his teacher, the assistant or any of the other students, but everything went well and J LOVES it. That was such a relief for both of us. So now he has his regular preschool on T and Th and his speech preschool on M and W. It's a bit overwhelming for me at the moment, but J seems to be handling it okay.

N is also doing okay with the change although I think he misses having his brother here to play with. I've been trying to get him together with a friend at least one of the four days J is gone. N is continuing to learn more and more words and is starting to learn his colors. His favorite right now is blue--I think because that's the one he can say the most clearly. He also does green and yellow sometimes. Perhaps, N's favorite word right now is "Please." When I tell him "no" about something, he then tries, "Please, please, please, please, please." It's adorable, but I have to force myself to not give in. Sometimes I think N might be a little too cute for his own good.

So that's all our news for now. Hope life is treating you well on this very dreary, rainy Monday.

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Yarnhog said...

Very smart of you to get him assessed early. I wondered about my younger son for years, and even asked his teachers about it three years running and was brushed off. It wasn't until third grade that a savvy teacher finally had him assessed and he started speech therapy. Unfortunately, at that age, it's pretty hard to change speech patterns. He learned to make the sounds correctly, but doesn't do it when he speaks. A few weeks ago, I got a letter saying he had "completed" speech therapy, but there's no difference in his speech. Good luck to J.!