Saturday, February 13, 2010

Olympic Update: Day One

Don't think I'm going to be winning any gold medals. I got a late start on my cast-on and knitting as I was out ice-skating when the opening ceremony began. I got home around 9:30 and stayed up late knitting (but didn't watch a second of the Olympics--it's too interesting to be good knitting TV). I only got about 2 inches of the back done.

This yarn is so tiny, but also kind of grabby (frogging it would be a nightmare) that I keep getting dropped stitches. I've started counting every row. Not the fastest way to do it, but better than going back searching for the dropped stitches. Oh well. I don't think there is anyway I can get this sweater knit in the next 16 days, but I'm going to try anyway. Happy knitting, everyone!

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Jadielady said...

Try putting stitch markers every so many stitches (like 5 or 10 or if there's a pattern repeat). It's saved my sanity on my hat.
My sock is in time out after I realized I wrote the pattern upside down :(