Friday, February 19, 2010

Oh, What a Day!

Well, my day started early this morning with a little voice saying some of the words a mother fears most: "Mommy, I throwed up in my bed." Poor J was actually pretty unfazed by the whole thing, but we were up for almost 2 hours getting him and his room clean and then trying to get him to go back to sleep. Luckily, that seems to be the beginning and the end of it and he was fine all day. I made him stay home from school and fed him stomach-friendly foods, but he never threw up again. So hopefully he will continue feeling well tomorrow.

In other news, we had lovely weather again today and the boys and Pepper and I got to spend lots of time outside in the backyard. It was sunny and slightly breezy and it just felt so nice to enjoy some fresh air. Both boys had fun "fixing mommy's house" by moving sand around the patio and fixing my house with "concrete" (all J's idea.) N spent forever scooping up sand into a little plastic train car, dumping it back out, and refilling it again--over and over and over. Then J and I spent a good amount of time kicking a ball around and pitching and batting. J had me pitch to him and he hit a lot more than I expected (especially with my great athletic abilities). I was pretty proud of both of us. Pepper was so excited to have us outside with her that she ran about a hundred figure eights.

Then tonight--Day 7 of 17--I finished the right front of my sweater and got a few rows done on the left front. Still on target! Wish me luck.

And, in even better news, B returns home tomorrow. Last weekend we got to see him all of 20 hours because he got stuck up in the Northeast for work and his flights kept getting canceled. This week he's been gone since Sunday afternoon so we are all excited to have him home so we can spend some quality family time together.

So for a day that started off pretty awful, it's ending up quite nicely. Life is good.


Yarnhog said...

I'm glad it turned out well. That is one of my least favorite sentences in the English language, second only to "Mommy, I throwed up in your bed." I have a low vomit tolerance. It makes me dry heave furiously until tears run down my face. My husband thinks it's hysterical. I've designated him the official "barf buster."

audramarie said...

I'm so impressed with how quickly you are moving through your sweater. You should have no problem finishing up by the closing ceremonies.