Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow, Snow, Snow!

I know most of the world is tired of snow right now, but it finally made its way to Texas and I'm excited! It's our best snow since I've lived here. It was already snowing this morning when I got up at 6--huge quarter size snowflakes--and it's been snowing ever since. It's a heavy dense snow so it's only about 3 inches tall even though it's been snowing for over 12 hours. It's the beautiful kind that sticks to every branch in the trees and it's great for snowballs--although they're a little dense and deadly. The boys, Pepper and I went and played in the snow after nap time this afternoon and had a blast. J also got to go play in the snow at school this morning and had fun throwing snowballs at the preschool director who was out playing with them. Here are tons of snow pictures.

Cows huddled together during the snowstorm.

Pepper enjoying the dry spot provided by the roof overhang in the backyard.

J with a chunk of snow for his "iceberg."

Pepper during one of her rounds of figure-8s. Yes, that little thing in the foreground is our attempt at a snowman.

J building his "iceberg" next to our sad little attempt at a snowman. His carrot nose and celery arms worked out okay, but the cherry tomato eyes refused to stay put.

N laughing hysterically as J destroyed our snowman by kicking it (with permission).

Pepper decided she needed to get in on the action and proceeded to dig at any snow piles.

The boys laughing at Pepper as she tore around the yard like a crazy lady.

Being chased by J and his snowball.

Happy winter, everyone! Hope you're having some fun with what Mother Nature is dishing out!


Nicole B. said...

wow, i hadn't realized you got that much snow!? i'm a teeny bit jealous but also think we got our fill over the holidays in VA. looks like everyone was certainly entertained!!

Royal Empress said...

Great pics! I too took advantage of getting great shots in the snow =)