Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Birthday Fun, Part 1: Birthday Party

J had his birthday party early, on the 6th. It was J's first "real" birthday party. It was a Lego themed party. J invited 4 friends (1 from the neighborhood, 2 from school, and 1 in from Austin). N was also there with another little brother.

We played a "find the block" game with Duplos,

Then built towers with the blocks we'd found,
Then built Lego vehicles (that everyone got to take home as their goodie),

Ate hot dogs and mac n' cheese for lunch,

And had a cake decorated with Lego block candy.
All around a ton of fun!

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Nicole said...

awwaww...so glad we could be there to help celebrate! glad to see you guys had such a fun time with the grandparents. miss you :)