Thursday, March 18, 2010

Book List: I am Loving Reading Edition

I've just been in reading mode recently and have been reading quite a few books. Here are the latest:

College Girl by Patricia Weitz: This book, unlike the rest in this group, was not a light read. It was about a girl who's in her senior year of college. She's struggling to find her place on campus and in life. Anyone who's had doubts about fitting in somewhere can relate to this novel. However, hopefully your experience was better this one. It ends okay, but there are some depressing moments before the ending. Interesting, but NOT light.

The Little Lady Agency and the Prince by Hester Browne: This was an adorable book with a really fun main character and I could see it making a great movie. I really loved it. It's the third in the "Little Lady Agency" series and I only wish I had read the other two first. After reading this one and knowing the ending, I don't think I would enjoy the first two as much since I know the ending, but I am still considering reading them because this one was so enjoyable.

Lucky Charm
by Carly Phillips; Lucky Streak by Carly Phillips: These are two of the books in the Lucky Trilogy. As always for Phillips, they are an enjoyable light read. I liked them both, but really got into Lucky Streak--really liked the characters in that one. If you like the romance novel formula (romance, mystery, sex), then you should check it out. I read the preview of the third novel, but wasn't tempted to read it.

Ready for Love by Debbie Macomber: I know Debbie Macomber from her Blossom Street books so I wasn't sure what to expect. Although a different subject manner, this book had the same kind of easy read. Inspired by the movie Sabrina, this book is actually two mini-novels about two brothers. The first is most closely related to the film and is about the older brother. The second is about the younger brother and it's plot seems less inspired by the film. I enjoyed both as quick, light reads. If you enjoy steamier romances, this is NOT the book for you.

Dockside by Susan Wiggs; Fireside by Susan Wiggs: These two books are both part of "The Lakeshore Chronicles" by Susan Wiggs. I'd never read any of her books before, but J liked the picture on the front of Dockside and picked it out for me. I really enjoyed the writing style and plots in both books, but of the two Dockside was my favorite. I just got totally sucked in. There are quite a few books in the series and I'm tempted to read them all. A minor character in one or two of the books, then becomes the main character in a later book. Very fun. More books of the "less steamy romance" variety.

Full House
by Janet Evanovich: I got this book in a neighborhood book exchange a while ago and just slowed down long enough to read it. I guess it was one of her earlier books and it was recently republished. It was a fun light read with some mystery, a developing romance, and a little, just a little, steaminess. A different kind of heroine, a divorced mother of two, but a fun read all the same.

Manhunting by Jennifer Crusie: Jennifer Crusie has become one of my go to authors when I want a light, fun read. This is actually the first novel she ever wrote and it's a cute one. A little steamier than some of the others, but not over the top, it's a fun romance story.

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Yarnhog said...

Manhunting made me laugh out loud, hysterically and uncontrollably. I love Jennifer Crusie's books for just that reason, but this one really cracked me up! Why, yes, I do have a degree in literature from Harvard...why do you ask? ;)