Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dear Fellow Moms,

Do you ever feel like your children are plotting against you? That they are purposely making your life as difficult as possible? Okay, so that may be a bit, just a bit, melodramatic, but that's how I'm feeling these days.

Just when I'm in the throws of doing crazy things like trying to knit a sweater in 17 days while my husband is out of town for all but five of them, J decides to give up taking a nap. He's been fighting it for a while--only sleeping during nap time maybe two or three times a week, but he was at least staying in his room during nap time. Now he's fighting me tooth and nail even to do that. For the last two and a half weeks (starting with the first day of the Ravelympics/Knitting Olympics), he has only slept maybe once. For many of those days I had to fight to keep him in his room including resorting to putting the child safety knob cover on one day. That day, he proceeded to empty the entire contests of his dresser (his entire wardrobe of clothes) onto the floor. He then stripped his bed down to the mattress and added all of that to the pile. He then got a roll of toilet paper and unrolled it and added it to the pile. He then cried hysterically for about 40 minutes when I made him clean it all up. Since then, he's emptied his dresser three more times. Will he ever learn? Will I?

I have SO much to do right now. On top of my regular cleaning, laundry, ironing, cooking and attempting to exercise again, I am busy trying to clean the house for upcoming guests, get ready for J's birthday and do a bunch of organizational things for my neighborhood moms group. I am feeling CRAZY about this whole no nap thing. I'm fine with him not sleeping, but he needs to at least listen to me and spend an hour in his room. To make matters even worse, because he's not napping he's really tired and keeps falling apart over EVERYTHING.

Sigh..... SIGH. This too shall pass. But in the meantime, I am mourning naptime as I once knew it. SIGH....


hannah lyn said...

hello! we don't know each other, but my friend follows your blog, and i've started reading you as well! :) my friend has this problem with her 3-yr-old. he started refusing his nap, but she knew that he still really needed one to cope with his brothers for the rest of the day. so she started putting on a favorite DVD at the same time every day (early afternoon, what used to be his naptime) and having all the boys sit on the sofa and watch quietly. that way they were still in eyesight and she could correct if they started to get rowdy. she says that 4 days out of 5, her 3- and 2-yr-olds would pass out on the couch, and she'd usher her oldest out of the room to some fun "big boy" activity. maybe something like this would work for you? i can't remember if your other son is older or younger than J... but anyway, something to think about. good luck, i feel your pain :) :)

- hannah p.
garland, tx

Yarnhog said...

*chuckle* You feel like that because they are. At this age they're stealthy. When the become preteens, it's overt. I've already decided to stay in bed tomorrow.

Kate (KnitsInClass) said...

The afternoon DVD thing works pretty well over here too - my 3 year old could probably still use a nap, but won't take one, so at least a little quiet time is needed. I get him a blanket and pillow and we turn off the lights. A lot of times, he does fall asleep.
I hated the end of nap time. It's a tough transition for everyone.
The real kicker? On his daycare days, he ALWAYS takes a nap. With no protests.