Thursday, March 18, 2010

Birthday Fun, Part 4: J's Actual Birthday

The first thing J did when he woke up the morning of his birthday was play with his new Leapster and Diego game from Mooma and Papa. N, of course, had to crawl up next to him and watch.

After opening presents, we went to Toys R Us where J had fun sitting on this fire truck. Even though it was his birthday, we still didn't put any money in it. Poor J.

For the first time ever, J got to pick out any toy that he wanted (within a budget). He picked this cool Diego Animal Rescue train.

B and I decided to get him his first bike. Here he is riding it a few days later at the park. After a little hesitation, he's done really well with it.
Since we'd already done cake (for his party) and cupcakes (for school), we just bought this small cake for J's birthday night treat. They sell them at the grocery store and he's been wanting one for a while.

And that is the end of J's birthday fun.

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Carol said...

Happy Birthday!