Thursday, March 11, 2010

Those Four Magic Words

All Yarn Half Off.

Just kidding.

As you may have guessed from earlier posts, J has been going through some rough times these days. He's almost 4 and he seems to be hitting the teen years a bit early. We've already discussed the napping situation which was really fun when he decided to add emptying his dresser to the mix...4 times. In other fun, he's been basically doing the opposite of what I say. If I say don't do it, he does it. If I say please do it, he doesn't. If I say no, he just tries to do it anyway. You get the drift. Needless to say there have been some less than pleasant days and nights recently. But things are getting better.

Tonight when I put J to bed, I told him "I love you" on my way out of his bedroom as I do every night. And, as he used to do every night, he said, "I love you, Mama." Ahhh... Those four magic words. It's amazing how they soothe my soul. All the butting heads and arguing and feelings of frustration are washed away by those four glorious words. Motherhood. It's an amazing thing.

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Mary LeMaster said...

So precious. Amazing how those moment help to down play all the rest of the day