Friday, October 17, 2008

Photo Friday: Five Months! Edition

N is five months old today. I can't believe it--5 months already! He continues to be my little sunshine. I love the way his whole face lights up when he smiles, especially his eyes.

N has quickly adjusted to using his exersaucer and seems to really enjoy it. It keeps him entertained for at least half of breakfast, lunch and dinner time. That's a good start to me being able to enjoy my meals. N is also enjoying his meals more these days as he's now eating cereal and vegetables. He's had sweet potatoes, squash, green beans and peas so far and seems to like them all.

N is also rolling over like a champ these days. First stomach to back and now back to stomach. On Wednesday night, N woke us up several times during the night because he had rolled onto his stomach and didn't have room to roll back to his back. I was afraid that was the start of something bad, but last night was fine--so we'll keep our fingers crossed. Now that he knows how to turn over both ways, N is rolling!

In this picture, he had traveled from the middle of the blanket to the sofa and only stopped because the sofa was in his way! He's just a mover and a shaker these days.

And to answer the many questions of "Does he look like J?," here's a picture of J at 5 months (August 2006):

What do you think?

Happy Friday, everyone! Have a great weekend and think of me bright and early tomorrow morning as I walk in the Dallas Komen Race for the Cure.
Edited 12/17/08


Lydee said...

norm is so cute! he and john look alike, but there are differences around the eyes. so glad to hear norm is growing and eating well! yeah for the baby vegatables. my girls always liked the peas and sweet potatoes.

Nicole B. said...

those are the cutest pics! i can't believe how much he has grown already since the visit! can't wait to see you guys again......

hugs to all the boys!