Sunday, October 19, 2008

Movie Monday: All Dressed Up Edition

Looks like another double feature is in order. I just couldn't choose between these two. The first one is J in his Cookie Monster costume. We went to a fall festival on Saturday where he could have worn it, but didn't want to. When we got home, we convinced him to try it on and this is what he did:

Yes, he's saying "I'm Cookie Monster! I'm Cookie Monster!"

This next video is of both boys. J decided that he and N both needed to wear hats and dance. J is pretty funny in this one, but N was really cracking me up.

Hope these movies start your week off with some smiles! Happy Monday!
Edited 12/17/08


Nicole B. said...

we've been talking a lot about you guys lately, and it's been so funny to hear will mention playing with brian and how norm is also his friend :)

sophanne said...

hooray for blogging- the world will have John's laugh forever now. AWESOME!

Lydee said...

that is GREAT!!!! Love the cookie monster!!!! Too, too cute!