Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Last Minute Halloween Costume Idea

Halloween is only two days away and some of you may still be looking for the perfect costume for a little one in your life. Well, I've got the perfect costume for you. It's simple, easy and made from items you can find at most playgrounds.

First, dress your little one in something made of really soft fleece--you know the stuff I'm talking about, you find it everywhere these days in clothes, blankets, stuffed animals. Here is one possibility:If you live in Texas like myself, this may be a bit warm for an October evening...but if you're an overprotective mom of a 5 month old and you have a toddler who needs to get out of the house than you just might use one of these.

Next, go to your local playground like the one I have here in my neighborhood.

Lay your little on the ground while you tie your toddler's shoe.

Pick up your little one and your costume is complete.

What costume, you ask? Why, a pile of mulch! The mulch will stick like glue to the fleece outfit and cling to it like its life depended on it. Such a simple and easy Halloween costume idea.

If you change your mind, simply spend the next three days picking the mulch back off of the adorable snuggly fleece outfit. I'm sure your little one won't mind a bit.

Happy Halloween! Can't wait to see pictures of everyone in their costumes.

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Cat said...

Ok smarta--, you had me going for a while, no just kidding, you are brillaint as always, write a book ro something, okay? -Cat