Monday, October 27, 2008

More Halloween Silliness and Fall Festivities

J as a "cowboy" in his mask from Trunk or Treat and his cowboy hat from Nicole.
(or as B labeled this one "The Lone Ranger and Tonto.")

J as a "cowboy" in his Dalmatian hat from school and his beads from Trunk or Treat.

N in his reindeer suit (from Mooma) on our way to the playground the other evening when it was chilly--not really chilly enough for the suit, but doesn't he look adorable?

The pumpkin selection at my grocery store. I love the ones on the right that look like crullers.

We went to a "pumpkin patch" where J and I rode this little train.

We're the ones in the very back car. It was hot (around 86) and dusty, but we had fun.

There were lots of these wooden cutouts. J was excited about Bob the Builder...

and Nemo...

and everyone from Sesame Street.

Our attempt to get a family picture--at least B and I are looking at the camera.

Have a great week!
Edited 12/17/08


Nicole B. said...

glad the hat came in handy! cool looking pumpkin patch! hope to catch up soon - got a crazy week but looking forward to talking soon!

Cat said...

I love ths first picture because John and Norm are looking at the camera :)