Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ho Ho Ho!

Way back BEFORE Thanksgiving, the boys and I went to the mall to play in the play area. It was rainy out and both boys love to climb on the waterfall, trains, stairs, slides, cow and horse there. Anyway, as we were walking over... I noticed Santa was ALREADY at the mall right next to the play area. Since we haven't had a picture with Santa since J's first Christmas (he hasn't let us get close since), I decided we'd go and chat with Santa. Since it was BEFORE Thanksgiving, there was no line. We stood and chatted with Santa for 15 minutes or so. He showed off some reindeer jingle bells and made N laugh a few times. J eventually told him what he wanted: an ambulance and fire station (to go with his train set), the Curious George book where he dresses up, and a cash register. I then proposed that the boys get their picture taken with Santa. N was suspicious; he kept smiling at Santa and then backing away. J wasn't keen on the idea either. Finally I convinced them to do it--with me in the picture and J making a silly face:

The best part, when Santa said, "Mom, you can sit right here in my lap." Actually--that part was a little creepy. So the boys were both in sweats instead of nice holiday clothes and I had to be in the picture, but we got our picture with Santa. And, I love J's awesome silly face.

Merry Christmas!


Wanderingcatstudio said...

That's the best Santa picture I've ever seen!

sophanne said...

That is one of the ABSOLUTE BEST Santa photos I've ever seen. (And I wrote that before I realized that wanderingcatsudio said the same thing.)