Tuesday, December 8, 2009

N's 1st Haircut

Today N got his first haircut. He's 18 months old, but his hair is still so fine that he didn't have a lot to cut, but what he did have was getting long and out of control--especially when styled with peanut butter or mac n' cheese.

This picture has nothing to do with his haircut. I just thought it would be funny to add to this post. The best part is that underneath that bowl, N is saying "cheese."

Here's a pic of N in my lap right after getting his haircut. He was great. He wouldn't wear the cape thing, but sat nicely in my lap and didn't cry or fuss. When the hairdresser used the clippers to clean up the bottom of his hair and around his ears, she kept touching tickle spots and N would giggle. It was really cute.

Here's a pic of N with his sucker he got at the haircut place.He looks SO grown up to me.

And here's a picture from yesterday for reference (the boys are making alphabet and train soup). You can kind of see how long N's hair was before his haircut.


Yarnhog said...

Awww...how cute!

My kids were both born with long hair. I cut the older one's hair as soon as we got home from the hospital. He had a mullet. Seriously. My younger son had more of an afro. Again, seriously. My husband took one look at him when he was born and asked me, "Why is my son African-American?" (We're both white.) For some reason, he was really dark when he was born, with black, crinkly hair. I thought he was adorable, but I can understand the confusion. (He grew up to be as lily white as his mom.)

mikeandditty said...

I can't believe he needed a haircut. He is still very cute.

Jadielady said...

Very cute picture of him with the lolly. I have a picture of myself when i was almost 3 and my hair was already down to my shoulders, and probably thicker than it is now.