Thursday, July 19, 2007

My newest addictions

All my bloggers are on Etsy (sing to the tune of All My Exes Live in Texas)--and I'm addicted to both. Well, so they're not ALL on Etsy...but it seems like more and more of the fun people whose blogs I love are also selling beautiful things on etsy. Ashley at Dogged is selling her lovely wristlets and bags. Cheryl from yarnbee is selling yummy soaps, bath salts and cards. Maritza from Soto Softies is selling her adorably unique little softies. Megan from Knitting Philistine is selling her delicious soaps. And Nicki doesn't have a blog, but I know her from Flickr and she sells gorgeous yarn on Etsy. There are so many wonderful finds on Etsy. I LOVE it.

Etsy could so be an addiction for me that I have to limit how much I look on it. The more I look, the more beautiful things I find. For now I simply mark things as Favorites, but now that I'm working again maybe I'll treat myself to a few things. Hmmm...

I've been good so far. I've only bought from Etsy three times. And I LOVE everything I've gotten. I bought some great softie patterns from fuzzymitten. I haven't tried them all (I bought two and got one free), but this is the first softie I made. Isn't it adorable? The pattern was really well written and came very quickly in convenient pdf form. Love it!

My next purchase was the adorable wristlet from Ashley at Dogged. I love it! The finishing touches really make it even more perfect. Look at that great red lining and sweet tag.

My final purchase (for now) are these two adorable prints from The Black Apple. I just love them. Nikki had gotten "The Little Knitter" and I decided I had to have it. Then I saw the "A Good Egg is Hard to Find" print and just couldn't resist. One of my grandmother's favorite phrases was "You're a good egg." As I've come to expect from Etsy, the prints came with several adorable little extras including a great postcard and a business card.

The business card told me that Emily of The Black Apple also has a blog...but I'm resisting so far.


cheryl said...

Thanks for the link to the yarnbee store! It looks like you got some lovely treats on etsy. I love the wristlet bag and the prints by Emily. You should check out my friend Tomoko - she makes the cutest polymer sculptures:

Haley said...

Cheryl--I checked out your friend's etsy shop (tadworks). Her stuff is adorable! I love the beautiful picture frames too. I remember seeing the birthday gifts she gave you on your blog. Thanks for pointing me to another great etsy find! --Haley

nova said...

Etsy is so dangerous. I love etsy too.