Monday, July 23, 2007

Top Ten Tuesday: Naptime Edition

It's Top Ten Tuesday, again! As many of you know, I'm working from home these days. I feel like I'm off to a decent start, but I'm spending every moment of naptime (aka my free time) working on it. I'm also fitting in a little cooking and cleaning, but not as much as I should. I'm definitely not hitting Super Haley status just yet. I don't mind the work (It's kind of fun thinking up sentences like this: Jane will bake a cake in the shape of a plane), but there are so many other things I'd rather be doing. Thus, this week's topic:

Top Ten Things I'd Rather Be Doing During Naptime

10. Blogging. Love sharing my ideas and projects and everyone's comments are great for my ego. I love reading all the other great blogs out there. I love Julie and her great attitude toward knitting, motherhood, and life in general. I love Jared's amazing knits. I am amazed by his talent and creativity. Even his photographs are gorgeous! I love Erin and her funky, creative side that comes through in her posts. I love Maritza's eye for fabric and her humility. I loved Ashley first for her dog, but now love to read her blog and gaze lustfully at her sewn and knitted goodies. I love reading about the lives of other mom's too, like Lydee, Nova and Anny. I love all the blogs I've discovered like this one and this one and this one. Oh, and don't forget this one--she thinks she's a part of Days of Our Lives. Oh, just look at my list of "Where I Get My Fix." I can't possibly list them all.

9. Getting lost in Flickr and all the crazy things it has to offer. Where else can you find this and this and this for free and all in one spot?

8. Taking pictures. I really enjoy playing with my camera and taking lots of pictures. I love digital because I can take as many pictures as I want and not feel guilty about wasting films on ones that don't turn out. And I do take TONS of pictures. I took over 300 pictures during our one week beach trip--and those are just the ones I kept. Crazy, huh?
7. Reorganizing something in my house. Although you might never know it by looking at my house right now, I actually enjoy organizing my stuff and decluttering my home. It's been quite a while since I've slowed down long enough to do either. It's starting to drive me crazy. MUST GET RID OF SOME STUFF!
6. Talking with my sister. Well, I'd really rather be hanging out with my sister (my twin), but she lives in Virginia and I live in Ohio so that's not going to happen today. But I could be talking to her on the phone. It's hard to do sometimes between her two children and my one, but it's still lovely when we do get some good chat time. She'll always be my best friend. If only, I could convince her to knit then she'd be perfect.

5. Watching a good movie. I can honestly say that I like some of them almost as much as a good book. I'm not afraid to admit that I like chic flicks and I will rewatch a movie I like over and over. It's comforting to me. Although, despite my love of movies, I own very few. A little strange. One I do own and have watched dozens of times--French Kiss. Love it!

4. Reading. I'm actually a book-aholic. I love to read, but don't do it as much as I would like. The problem--time. And right now, the quest for a good book. I'm a slightly recovered book-aholic and now check them out of the library instead of feeling the need to own them all (although still if I read a really good book, I sometimes go out and buy it because I feel the need to own it.) Unfortunately, my method of simply walking through the library and grabbing random books off the shelf is not serving me well these days. No really good books recently. Any suggestions?
3. Hanging out with my boys at the park. Or the beach. Or pretty much any place I can have my husband, my sweet little man and some sun.

2. Eating chocolate or ice cream or better yet chocolate ice cream. My favorite pre-mommyhood treat--eating ice cream while taking a bubble bath. If you have some free time, I highly recommend it!

1. Knitting. Duh! I'd love working on a new pattern or an old favorite. There are so many fun patterns I want to try. There's never enough time in the day to knit everything I want to knit.


Yarnhog said...

I started law school when my first son was 6 months old and had my second son during my second year. For me, naptime meant studying. It was my only study time, since I was home with the kids during the day and at school every night. When I finally finished, my sons were 5 and 2 and a half--and naptime was over.

Haley said...

yarnhog--i didn't know how good i've got it. hope you're enjoying some happy free time now that your children are older. --haley