Saturday, July 14, 2007

There's No Place Like Home

I'm home. I'm exhausted, but I'm home. My two weeks away were fun, but it's great to be home. It was weird walking into my house after being gone for so long. I can't remember the last time I was away for over a week. The house seemed different. Odd. As somehow it had changed without me. I don't know. It was a strange feeling.

Partly, it was different. My wonderful husband had cleaned! The tub was scrubbed. The floors were vacuumed. It was a lovely surprise.

Partly, it was weird because my girls (the dogs) were still at "camp" (aka my in-laws house) where they had spent the last week. I'm so used to being greeted by their two smiling faces and wagging tails. Zoe always brings a toy to the door--not because she wants to play, she drops the toy as soon as you acknowledge it--but because she doesn't want to greet you empty-handed. It was really funny as a puppy, she would panic if there wasn't a toy nearby and would just grab whatever was handy (usually a sock or shoe). Pauli doesn't always greet you at the door, but will find you soon to give you a big wet kiss.

I had a great trip to Virginia to see my family. It was a good transition week for Little Man. He got to visit with all his cousins without the craziness of staying in the same house with them all. I think he had more fun at the beach because he got reacquainted with everyone in Virginia first. Besides a not-so-fun trip to the beach with my sister and our children (15 months, 2 years, and almost 4 years--with only mine taking any nap during the 7 hour drive), we had a great time. Little Man loved trying to keep up with the big kids and didn't mind the sand and surf. I didn't get nearly as much sand time or knitting time in as I wanted, but I still had fun. Will blog more about the trip this week.

Anyway, the girls are home now and in their usual spots curled up asleep. Little Man is safely in his bed sleeping soundly. My husband is probably napping on the couch. I'm off to do a little knitting on the couch. It's so great to be home!


Carol said...

I missed your posts glad to hear you enjoyed your holiday. :) Virginia looks a lot like my Island!

Haley said...

just to clarify--the picture is from the beach portion of my trip and was taken in Oak Island, NC.